Fresh Forty Eight
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
By Sonshine Portrait Design
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Just 8 short weeks ago we welcomed into this world my 3rd son Theodore Thomas. Those first few days in the hospital getting to know my sweet newborn seem like a year ago. The time we had skin on skin, bonding as he ate and making it through every other hour of having his heel poked to draw blood. It's crazy how fast you forget these very special moments and you long to remember all those feels you were feeling. We spent more than the average time in the hospital and I grew to love each early morning sunrise more and more. The nurses tell you to rest but in reality they are in every hour to take vitals, make sure your pumping, going potty enough, checking incisions, giving you pain medicine, exchanging ice packs, it goes on and on. So running on not much sleep we enjoyed hearing daddy snooze on the couch while we snuggled in on the most uncomfortable hospital bed. As the sun would rise I would begin to have just enough light to take our picture, an hour later my camera roll on my phone is filled with your sweet profile wrapped in my robe. All I needed was Gods light and my son. These images I speak of are my absolute favorite because of all the feels I have told you about. The thing I regret is that they are just on my phone. Which is okay, I scroll through my hundreds of images all the time just to look at them. But, I can’t help but wish that I had had someone come in and photograph these moments and to be able to print high quality images. To be able and print high quality images from them. This is why I have decided to launch the Fresh Forty Eight sessions at Sonshine Portrait Design.


Newborn Photography Peoria Illinois 

Not having these images of my own really hit my heart when I was going through those lovely "baby blues.” This lit a fire in me, and inspired me to start Sonshine Portrait Design’s “fresh fourth eight” sessions! 

These sessions are documented in your hospital room within the first 48 hours. Capturing all the feels and small little details you really don't ever want to forget. The sessions are very limited and I would love to be the one to capture these moments for you. 

Our "Fresh Forty Eight" line has 3 collections you can choose from. 

For more information please contact us here.


I can't tell you how excited I am to see where this journey takes me. I can’t wait to capture that incredibly unique “Gods light” kissing your sweet newborn’s face.  


Christie Newell M.Photog. Cr., CPP


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