Look Who's 40
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
By Sonshine Portrait Design
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Look Who's 40

Look who's 40!

Who would have known the journey we would have? 40 years ago, Barb (my Mom) decided to jump in with both feet! She started her own photography business in the basement of our home, before I was even born. I was brought up in the photography world. As business thrived, she bought a building in Bartonville and made it the home of Sonshine Studio. Named "Sonshine", as she felt if she honored the "Son of God" in her name of the studio, he would honor her business, and he has!  I was 5 years old the day of the grand opening, and I danced my little heart out. Seeing how business has changed, through all of those years, is pretty amazing.

Mom took me to conventions, at a young age, which helped me learn the craft at a fast pace. When I began toting the camera bag at weddings, in the 8th grade, I knew this is where I belonged. I began working in the studio, as a sophomore in high school, and never stopped. I was learning from the best!

In 2006, Mom decided to design & build a 5,000 sq ft studio in Germantown Hills, IL. She incorporated the business and re-named it Sonshine Portrait Design, LTD. I feel like this was the time "my wings spread wide". I slowly took over behind the camera, and became "me" in my photography. I started speaking across the country, sharing with other photographers, my Newborn Photography skills. I was giving back to the industry, what was given to me.

It is so crazy to see how all the aspects of the business change.


FORTY YEARS . . . ahhh . . . FORTY YEARS!

Barb decided that I could handle the business now, all by myself! Ikes! She has moved on to her other passion in life, REALTY! This is something that she started doing before photography. Choosing the photography path, felt like the right thing to do at the time. I am thankful for her decision, as there is a reason that photography is what I love. Upon constant persuasion by her long time friend, Sheryl Whitehurst, she got back into Real Estate. She is currently working for RE/MAX Traders Unlimited, and doing very well. She has always been good at what she put her hands on.  Let's just say, being an entrepreneur is her strong point! 





The other day I was driving through Peoria Illinois and noticed all the businesses that have gone out of business. Banks, retail shops that have been open longer than I have been alive, restaurants, salons and the list goes on.

40 years in business...

This milestone came from many things but one of the biggest is because of our clients. Our clients that have come year after year and stayed loyal, our clients that referred new clients to us and our new clients that love our work and believe in what we do.

So we want to THANK YOU...

Over the next 6 months we will be rolling out a new customer appreciation deal.

We will post the upcoming months deal a week before each month.




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Christie Newell - Hi! I do :) I usually like them in the first week up to 2 weeks. So your right in time. What days of the week are good for you? We book our newborns around their feeding schedule. So either morning or afternoon session. Let me know if there is a time you can talk over the phone it might be easier ;)
Thanks so much!
Mariah Aberle - Hi there. I was wondering if you had anything open still in August for a newborn session. My son will be 2 weeks old on Saturday, so I wasn’t sure if there was a specific time frame in which to do the photos as well. Thank you.

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